Driving License

Approach your nearest customer service center or Licensing Authority RTO.

Eligibility for obtaining of Permanent License

Valid Learner's License, where Learner License is issued 30 days before the application date.

Physical Presence:

It is mandatory to present yourself in front of Licensing Authority to obtain the Permanent License

Documents required to apply for Permanent License

  • Fee of Rs. 300/- for each category of Vehicle applied.
  • Fee of Rs. 200/- for Smart Card
  • Application in Form 4
  • Certificate of competence to drive vehicle
  • For transport vehicle classes, Certificate Issued by Driving Training School

Effectiveness and Validity:

Permanent License issued is valid throughout India. Permanent License is issued for 20 years or upto 50 years of age whichever is earlier. Permanent License issued for transport vehicle will be valid for three years.