For every vehicle which Commercial, it is essential for a vehicle owner to have a fitness certificate for his/her vehicle from concerning Regional Transport Department (RTO). Online Fitness/Noc System works only for Commercial Vehicles. For a new vehicle the Fitness certificate is issued for two years for Transport Vehicles (Commercial Vehicles). On expiry of the same it is renewed for next one year within in one month from the date of expiry.

Enrollment of Fitness Certification is divided into two parts:

Fitness Renewal

This sub-application will 'renew' the Fitness Registration Number which are already issued and are expired as per the grace period and will get the validity for 1 year.

Fitness Duplicate

This sub-application will provide duplicate Fitness certificate for the vehicle owner who lost their original fitness certificates and need a duplicate one. Applicant will visit our site and apply for duplicate by using Fitness-Duplicate. Application will not accept number which is expired, so in that case user first have to renew it and can apply for Duplicate Certificate.

Where to approach?


  • Certificate of Registration
  • Proof of Address
  • Existing Fitness Certificate