Driving License

Click here for Video Tutorial for Applying a Driving License 

Eligibility for obtaining of Driving License:-

Valid Learner License, where Learner License is issued 30 days before the application date.

Physical Presence:-

It is mandatory to present yourself in front of Licensing Authority to obtain the Driving License.

Documents required to apply for Driving License:-

At the time of applying for learning license, the license applicant has to submit the application form for making driving license, along with 2 passport size photographs, along with attached documents for proof of residence and age. The list of proof of residence and age will be as follows as attached with the application for learning license-

•    Aadhar Card
•    Voter ID card
•    Life Insurance Policy
•    Passport
•    Birth Certificate
•    Proof of statutory presence in India along with proof of residence in case of foreign national.

  • For transport vehicle classes, Certificate Issued by Driving Training School


Fees :-

For Driving License:-

S.No.   Number of Categories Fees Smart Card Fee Test Fee
1 For a class vehicle 300 200 200
2 For two class vehicles 600 200 200
3 For three class vehicles 900 200 200


Addition of other vehicle category in Driver License:-

S.No. Number of Categories Fee Smart Card Fee Test Fee Web Portal Charges Total Fee
1 For a class vehicle 300 200 500 74 1074
2 For two class vehicles 600 200 500 74 1374
3 For three class vehicles 900 200 500 74 1674


For License Renewal

S.No. Period Renewal Fees Smart Card Fee Penalty Re-test Fee Web Portal Charges Total Fee
1 During the grace period 200 200 0 0 74 474
2 In the first year 300 200 1000 0 74 1574
3 In second year     300 200 2000 0 74 2574
4 In the third year 300 200 3000 0 74 3574
5 In the fourth year 300 200 4000 0 74 4574
6 In the fifth year 300 200 5000 0 74 5574
7 In the sixth year 300 200 6000 300 74 6874


For License Duplicate:-

S.No. Category Second Copy Fee Smart Card Fee Web Portal Charges Total Fee
1 For all classes of vehicles 400 200 74 674



  • First of all typing https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/ on any web browser google chrome or internet explorer on the system two options will be displayed 
  1. Login:- This option is used by the employees of the office.
  2. Name of the State:- This option is used to select the state for which the application is to be made.
  • After selecting the state, a screen will be displayed from where the new learning license to be applied for making the permanent license is selected.. For example, to apply for a permanent license, for this you will choose Driving License .   
  • After this, the learning license is selected for permanent. For example, the Learner License Number and Date of Birth are entered for the Permanent License to be applied for.
  • A self-declaration form to be filled for physical fitness on entry through learning generated by the applicant.
  • After this the application number , applicant's name , date of birth etc. are displayed on the system, in which further process and guidelines have been given to the applicant.
  • After entering by the applicant, all the documents which have been uploaded by the applicant are verified by the clerk from the office.
  • The applicant has to appear in the office and pass the driving test.
  • After passing the test, the applicant's photograph and other data is entered in the system.
  • After this the record is verified. Thereafter that the applicant gets the license number on the mobile through message. This record can be printed in the office on paper copy or PVC card. 

Effectiveness and Validity:-

The issued driving license is valid across India. Driving license is issued for 20 years or upto 50 years of age, whichever is earlier. Driving license issued for heavy transport vehicle will be valid for three years.